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Our Technology

Atreyu Trading is the leading co-location and cloud service platform for the modern data-driven fund manager. We offer high-speed throughput, position monitoring, risk surveillance and trading access infrastructure so that data and quantitatively driven professionals with automated platforms can do what they do best: trade.


FLEX  - Financial Language Exchange. 


Atreyu eliminates the operational overhead of developers by hosting, managing and scaling messaging with a simple, easy to use messaging API.

Using our FLEX API, certification and test systems, clients can integrate their strategies to trade assets in multiple markets in record time. 


Atreyu has deeply integrated with QuantConnect's cloud research and trading platform. Through this deep integration, you can model Atreyu fees and slippage in backtests, and deploy the same strategy through to live trading in less than a minute.


Atreyu clients on QuantConnect are provided with faster backing resources and more powerful live trading servers. The integration is through fiber optic cable on a local intranet, giving you the best security and stability possible. 


QuantConnect can deliver the SIP equity data feed to your Atreyu strategies with only 30ms latency. Get the best of Atreyu and QuantConnect with this exciting integration:


  • Low Fees and Slippage

  • Local Fiber Cross-Connected Integration

  • Powerful Free Infrastructure for Atreyu Accounts