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Atreyu Trading: Back Testing on IBKR with BackTrader - Part 4

This post was written by Atreyu Trading and is part of an Interactive Brokers series “Building Your Automated Strategy with IBKR: From Back Testing to Paper Trading to Live Execution”.

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In this section we look at the steps in developing a simple strategy and back testing it with historical data from IBKR. We then modify it to Paper Trader in the TWS frontend.

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We are please to provide a recorded version of our Webinar held on November 10th, 2022: "Backtesting Your Quant Strategies Using IBKR’s TWS API" Click below to gain access:

We are please to announce we will be participating in IBKR's November 10th, 2022 Webinar: "BackTesting your Quant Strategies using IBKR's TWS API" More Information Page link:

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