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Atreyu Announces the FLEX API: Connecting Co-located and Cloud Based Trading Applications to the US

Atreyu Trading's FLEX API combines the simplicity and reliability of enterprise-grade messaging with low latency electronic trading protocols

Atreyu, a broker dealer hosted on the cloud and co-location providers, today announced the FLEX API that allows Atreyu customers to message trades without the burden of integrating and supporting a FIX engine. Atreyu removes the operational overhead of managing and scaling low latency electronic trading for developers, making it a fast, reliable and scalable way for automated traders to start communicating with the US equity and equity options markets. With one connection to FLEX, developers can integrate their strategies to leading institutional brokers for executing trades.

FLEX is an acronym that stands for Financial Language Interface for Real-time Trading.

"New trading strategies are being driven by machine learning and data as new tools are becoming used by electronic traders in the US markets,” said George Kledaras, CEO of Atreyu. "We're excited to provide an intuitive and robust messaging experiences to handle the new data driven, low latency trading strategies that our clients are rolling out. We can't wait to see what new strategies that our traders who code build with FLEX."

“Atreyu has taken out the complexity from the development process to make it easier for those looking to automate their strategies into the US markets,” said Jogi Narain, CTO and Founder of Atreyu. “The FLEX API is a compelling proposition for an algorithm developer, empowering systematic traders to rollout their electronic platforms quickly and safely.”

FLEX’s advantages for software developers are the following:

  • Accelerates go to market and reduces total cost of ownership - Atreyu eliminates the operational overhead from developers by hosting, managing and scaling messaging with a simple, easy to use messaging API. Atreyu also enables developers to get started with FLEX instantly, with a simulated environment for testing applications, and sample code for Python, C++, Java and C#.

  • Makes true FIX messaging available via one API – nothing is translated or filtered from the execution end points, thus giving full access to the rich functionality of every venue and exchange. The FLEX API supports position queries making it easy to keep state in your algorithms without application persistence.

  • Is backed by the scale, uptime and reliability of the Atreyu TradeHub Risk platform - Atreyu’s platform processed billions of shares in 2020 with mission critical uptime.

About Atreyu Based in New York City, Atreyu is a leading co-location and cloud service platform for the modern data-driven fund manager. With high-speed throughput, position monitoring, risk surveillance and competitive pricing, provides FIX and FLEX APIs, broker services, and trading access infrastructure so that data and quantitatively driven professionals with automated platforms can do what they do best: trade. Learn more at

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